Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Bird

From time to time, Michaels schedules In Store Demonstrations.  This past Tuesday, the demo was called Decoupage Egg.  Here is my rendering of this craft project.

The instructions called for the use of a wooden egg.  Unfortunately, all of the wooden eggs at our local Michaels store were recently marked down for clearance and they were all gone.  We decided to substitute a styrofoam egg.  

Step one was to decoupage the scrapbook paper with the music notes on to the egg.  This was probably much easier to do on wood.  The porous texture of the styrofoam didn't allow the Mod Podge to stick very easily.  It helped to tear the paper into smaller pieces and be very patient.  

The egg is resting on a wooden napkin ring, painted white, and sprinkled with Martha Stewart's Sugar Cube iridescent glitter.  Spanish moss is glued on top of the napkin ring and the finished, decoupaged egg is hot glued on top of  the moss.

The bird and the flourish were supposed to be cut with dies, but neither the store or I had the necessary dies.  Instead, I sketched the bird and the flourish to the best of my ability, transferred them to colored paper, and cut them out by hand.  They were both sprinkled with the same glitter before adhering them to the egg.

The final touch was the ribbon and bow.  The ribbon is wrapped around the egg and glued.  I made the bow and hot glued it on separately from the ribbon.  This whole project can be made for right around $10 or less.  

I thought it looked very springy and Easter-y - a cute little decoration on a side table or as place holders for Easter dinner.  Once supplies are purchased, you could make several of these little guys from the same sheets of paper, bags of moss, and spool of ribbon.

A few more shots....

Enjoy this lovely summer-like weather we're having!  :)

Take care ~

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