Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Banner Day...

Hello everyone!

May is National Scrapbook Month, and, more specifically, May 5th is National Scrapbook Day.  There is much going on at the store in preparation for this awesome event.

Today, I stayed after work for a few hours.  I'm working on making some attention grabbing items to put around the store to promote NSM.  Last Saturday at crop, I began making a banner.  I found a Recollections paper pad that I really like.  It's a light weight paper - not anywhere near card stock weight - but for what I'm doing, it works well.  I like the colors and I'm hoping we can hang it over the scrapbook aisle.

I've talked about Martha Stewart's Scoring Board before.  I love using this tool.  Martha's products are well made and they often include built in storage for all of the little pieces you need to use with the tool.  This one is no exception.  The scoring tool itself stores inside a little compartment at the top of the scoring board and the triangular piece that's used to make envelopes slides into a convenient slot on the back of the tool.  Excellent!

Primarily, I use this scoring tool to make rosettes of varying sizes and colors.  To make these rosettes, I started with a 12" x 12" paper.  I cut three strips measuring 12" x 3 1/2".  I scored each strip at every 1/2" mark and folded the strips in an accordion style.

In the foreground, two folded strips.  In the background, the last of the three strips, waiting to be folded.

When making rosettes, glue the folded strips end to end.  When all of the strips are glued into one strip, glue the ends of the one strip together to form a perfectly pleated circle.  Set it aside.

Cut out two circles for the center of your rosette.  In this case, the circle I used was 4 inches across.  I wanted a larger circle because I planned to put a letter in the center of each rosette.  The size of the circle is a matter of preference.  It just needs to be big enough to cover the center of the rosette.

The next part is a bit tricky.  Set the pleated circle on end.  Gather the top part of the circle together in one hand and gently pull out the bottom part of the circle with the other hand.  With practice, you'll get a feel for it.  The circle should  kind of splat out.  Glue one cut out circle to the center on the front and one to the center on the back.  Keeping the rosette in formation while gluing on the center circles comes with practice, as well.  I like to use hot glue because it sets and holds almost immediately.

The banner that I'm working on is in shades of green, blue and pink.  Below are some pictures of the completed rosettes on their pennants.

I did get the letters cut out and glued on to each rosette today.  I also glued on the loops for hanging the banner.  But, alas, I forgot to take pictures when they were done.  I will post them as soon as I can.  I will also post pictures of the banner when it's hung.  Stay tuned....


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