Thursday, February 14, 2013

My buddy, Gabe

 Hi all:

I'm back with two of my favorite subjects - My Mind's Eye and Gabe.

My Mind's Eye posted a sketch challenge for January.  Using their layout idea and materials, they asked us to scrap our own pages and submit them.  Here is a link to their January sketch challenge so you can check it out yourself.

And here is my take on the sketch:

Gabe is my very favorite little guy.  He's a bundle of smiles, sunshine, and sweetness all rolled together with two-year-old sass.  He belongs to my friend, Jeanette, and the two of them have brought many blessings and wonderful memories to my life.  

This year, Gabe and Jeanette took a trip to Andrew and Pat's farm to cut down their Christmas trees.  Gabe picked out his very own little tree and, with the help of some grown up friends, hauled it around on the roof of his little car.  This picture was the one they used for their Christmas card this year and I was delighted to see it.  It was propped on my desk when the January sketch challenge came along.

I also loved, loved, loved the All is Bright collection from My Mind's Eye this year.  I bought tons of the stuff and had great fun playing with it.  

I had a great time playing with this sketch.  Enjoy!


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