Sunday, February 26, 2012

Crafting with Martha

Hello, everyone!

"This is the day that the Lord has made.  Let's rejoice and be glad in it!"  Psalm 118:24

This verse resonates with me today, not only because it's Sunday, but because my son narrowly escaped a pretty frightening accident on Thursday night.  He lost control of the Jeep and hit a tree, but escaped with only a few cuts and sore muscles.  God had my boy in His hands that night...

On to the crafty side of life!

I'm getting ready for the Open House at Michaels next Saturday.  Michaels instructors will be on hand from 1-3 to discuss class offerings and offer you a 25% discount off of the classes in which you enroll that day.  To my knowledge, it's the only day the classes are on sale all year, so I hope you can make time to get there on Saturday.

This week, I played with my Martha Stewart Scoring Board.  I love, love, love this tool and you'll see why.  Back on February 9th, I bought the board and posted a video demonstration from madebymomo.  This week, I finally got around to using the board to make a card, an envelope, and a box.  They turned out sooooo well!

Here is the scoring board and the pieces that come with it.  The triangular piece sits in the corner of the board when you want to make envelopes.  The other small tool is for scoring and folding.

The envelope guide is a little difficult to understand.  I know that you have to label the envelopes somehow, but if  you don't know what the labels mean, it's kind of hard to know which size you need.  I didn't know the difference between a #1 and an A6!!  Obviously, the sizes are listed in inches, so I kind of knew where to start.  I played with the A2, 4 bar, and #1 which made the smallest three sizes.  The one I ended up using for my card was the 4 bar.

Since these were pieces for work, I continued using the Four Seasons pad from Die Cuts With a View.  I choose a spring-like lavender and purple page, full of pansies.  And here are the finished products:

The Box:

This is the top view of the box.  The white paper demonstrates the Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page punch in the Vintage Floral pattern.  Yes, I created the lacy edges using a punch.  :)  Isn't that pretty?   The recipient's name, a significant date, or other well wishes can be written in the center of the white paper.

Side view of the box.  I used the Vintage Floral punch along the edges of the box lid, too.

The Card:

Here's the card.  The Vintage Floral punch was used along the front edge.  The pansies were cut out of the sheet of paper I chose and adhered to the card.  The words were printed in dark purple in ivory cardstock.  I chose a Mother's Day theme as it's timely and seemed to go well with the papers I picked out.

This is the inside of the card.  Again, pansies and leaves were cut out of the papers, words were printed on cardstock, and edge was punched with Vintage Floral.  When the card is closed, the pretty lavender print along the bottom of the inside of the card shows through the punches on the front of the card.  (I forgot to take a picture of that - so sorry...  :(   )

The Envelope:

I made the envelope out of regular copy paper, using the instructions on the Martha Stewart Scoring Board. Because the card has a little bit of thickness to it with the pansies, lace, cardstock, etc., I had to adjust the measurements of  the envelope by 1/8" to make it a bit bigger.  Nailed it the first time!  Whoo-hoo!!!

Then, I used the corner punch from the Vintage Floral set to add the cute little trims on the envelope.  I rounded the corners on the sides of the top flap.  The card fit inside of the envelope perfectly!

Card and envelope...

This is the only picture I got of the whole set - not a very good one, but I didn't think of a picture with all of them until just now.

I used the scoring board to score the folding lines on the box, envelope, and card.  It really helped with the measurements, getting all of the lines in the right places, and folding them neatly.  I will use this board again and again, I'm sure!  :)



  1. I love this! That punch around the page is really nifty. Might have to get me one of those!

  2. Love the Punch Around the Pages. You were playing with it on Saturday, weren't you?

    A very pretty set.

    And so glad the boy is fine...healing, but still breathing.